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Counting down for the bezel to launch

For years Simionic has been dedicated to develop iPad apps for simulating Garmin’s G1000 with a pretty high fidelity.  Now it comes with a hardware bezel to make it much more realistic and convenient to use.  Whether you are a simmer or a real world pilot, this simulator will help you a lot to stay current with G1000 operations or even with your flight skill.  For years we keep listening to the users and improving our products.  Please expect more brought from us to your flight deck.

A major update

Version 2.2.0 for both PFD&MFD are available on App Store now. This is a major update. From time to time, users are complaining about the reliability of the connection between the PFD&MFD. That was something out of my control since I was using Apple’s GameKit to make the connection. In this update, the connection is changed to pure wifi connection via IP network. It makes the connection much more reliable and efficient. There are also supports for new aircrafts(C172S/C172R/C206H). Users can fly the most popular Cessna 172SP with full support in the apps now.