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About the bezel

There are constantly users asking me about when the bezel will come out.  Well, according to the original plan, the bezel should be ready for sale by now.  But it’s not.  I’m sorry to keep you waiting for the bezel for such a long time, but currently we have some issues in the bezel production and we are working full throttle on it.  I really appreciate you guy’s support and patient.  Further updates about the bezel will be posted ASAP.

And, one more thing, the audio panel is currently under development.

Sorry for the delayed reply

These days there are customers trying to reach us through the contact form.  I replied each request in time.  But I didn’t realize that the mail server of our website is incapable to send out those replies(scripted emails, said the website support team) until today.  So I resent all the replies through another email address.  I’m sorry for the delayed reply.  In case you have contacted us from our website and still waiting for reply, please send email to

Thanks for your support and understanding.