G1000 Apps


  • PFD Only
    All the PFD functions are functional when running on iPad. Flight controls are imbeded in the app.
  • MFD Only
    All the MFD functions are functional when running on iPad. Engine status are emulated by the app itself. But there will not be any flight controls nor will the autopilot take any effect.
  • PFD with FSX/X-Plane
    PFD will run as an instrument of FSX/X-Plane. Nav/Comm frequencies, target heading/altitude can be set either from FSX/X-Plane or from the app. Autopilot and flight director is controlled only by the app.
  • PFD + MFD
    PFD and MFD will work together just like a real set of G1000.
  • PFD + MFD with FSX/X-Plane
    PFD and MFD will work together as if the aircraft in FSX/X-Plane has a real set of G1000.


PFD and MFD Functionalities

Flight Control Tilt iPad to control bank and pitch
Slide on screen to control throttle and rudder
Sim Connection FSX: Supports SP2 and Acceleration
X-Plane: Supports V9.40 or later
NavData Global Global (Topo data included)
User Waypoint Synchronized from MFD New/Edit/Delete
Flight Plan Storage Store to MFD (not functional without MFD) Store/New/Edit/Delete
Terminal Procedures Indcluded Indcluded
Map Setup None (Synchronized from MFD) Functional
Other Functions Other PFD specific functions like altitude, airspeed and attitude display, baro setup, course selection, etc. Other MFD specific functions like enhanced flight plan page, enhanced waypoints and nearest waypoints info pages, checklists, etc.

Flight director modes implementation

Pitch Modes Roll Modes
Pitch Hold Roll Hold
Selected Altitude Capture Heading Select
Altitude Hold Navigation
Vertical Speed Backcourse
Flight Level Change Approach
Vertical Path Tracking Go Around
VNV Target Altitude Capture
Go Around