Update is released, enjoy the V4:)

Within this major update a lot of things have been improved.  All AUX pages are available now.  Navigation database are now updated to cycle 1707.  Improved great circle calculation, true heading navigation, 8.33kHz COM spacing, bugs and crashes fix, and a lot more.  The bridge is also updated to v1.6 to support more functionalities in AUX pages and backlight sync for the hardware bezel.  Enjoy the new V4:)


  1. Spankybus


    This product is amazing! thanks so much!!

    One request…please consider adding support for twin-engine aircraft, such as the Baron B58, C340, etc 🙂

  2. Morgan

    I’ll second the request for a couple twins. Can’t tell you how useful a B58 would be.

  3. Xerxes

    Would love the twins too. Would it be possible to add generic plane profiles with some parameters to vary (speed, rpm, etc.)?

    1. Koalar (Post author)

      Will try that in future development.


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