Monthly Archive: May 2012

Version 1.4 released

After sim connection has been add to the G1000 simulator, many users have reported that they feel inconvenience that all the control values are sent from the G1000 simulator to FSX/X-Plane and there is no chancheadere to set values such as NAV frequencies using FSX or X-Plane. Well, it was designed like that. But as you asked, you have it in v1.4, duplex data transfer. Now most of the control values can be set in either way. Remember to download the latest version of G1000Bridge(X) to get this work. And there is a new way of displaying G1000 panel included in this update. The screen will shrink a little and a complete panel will show up. Comparing to the original overlay side-panels. The new panel view will give you a neat look and let the panel clear of the display area.