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PFD&MFD v4.1.0 and bridge v2.0 released

A lot of improvements have been made in this update.  However, first thing first, to connect PFD v4.1.0 with FSX(X-Plane), G1000Bridge(X) v2.0 is required.  Details about this update:

  1. Connections between PFD and MFD, PFD and FSX(X-Plane) are now made automatically by default.
  2. Autopilot has been improved tremendously: Pitch control of the autopilot is much more stable even used on faster airplanes; Tracking localizer and VOR radial is much more accurate and smoother.  Autopilot master switch is now synchronized with FSX(X-Plane).  So if you have set the autopilot disengage button on your yoke, now it’s gonna work.
  3. Additionally, to adapt more aircrafts, airspeed tape is now customizable by setting V speeds, no more airspeed limit now.
  4. COM selection and audio selection on the audio panel(if installed) are now synchronized with FSX(X-Plane).  Audible morse code of the nav ID and marker beacon are added into PFD as an enhancement for running the apps in stand alone mode.
  5. When connected to FSX(X-Plane), PFD and audio panel(if installed) will turn off when the battery switch is turned off, MFD will turn off when the avionics switch is turned off.
  6. When dialing a waypoint, the default initial letter will be set according to the current region.
  7. Bug fixes: crashes on iPad4; COM synchronization failure with FSX(X-Plane).

Update is released, enjoy the V4:)

Within this major update a lot of things have been improved.  All AUX pages are available now.  Navigation database are now updated to cycle 1707.  Improved great circle calculation, true heading navigation, 8.33kHz COM spacing, bugs and crashes fix, and a lot more.  The bridge is also updated to v1.6 to support more functionalities in AUX pages and backlight sync for the hardware bezel.  Enjoy the new V4:)